The Angel Immersion
The Angel Immersion
Shunanda Scott

Welcome to The Angel Immersion

Journey your awakening & ascension with the Angels.

Shunanda Scott:

Meet your teacher:

Angel teacher, ascension guide and mother of three, Shunanda Scott is passionate about teaching people how to receive the infinitely loving guidance and support of the Angels.

Upon the birth of her second child, Shunanda experienced an overnight spiritual awakening, and began learning how to manage her newly discovered intuitive abilities. For years Shunanda trained with mentors, teachers, and the Angels themselves, and now works with starseeds and light workers all over the world from her beach home in Sydney.

The Angel Immersion:

The Angel Immersion is an online space where you can journey your sacred ascension to light, with the guidance, support, and love of the Angels.

Your Angel Immersion membership plan includes instant access to:

  • The Angel Immersion Course: with 29 Angel lessons that will teach you everything you need to know to learn how to speak with Angels (suitable for beginner to advanced Angel students).
  • Join monthly live Angel Transmissions: held each at the beginning of each month on Zoom, the live Angel Transmissions are one of the most powerful and popular experiences in the Angel Immersion. 
  • Angel Reference Library: Light Practice PDF, Angel Practice PDF and mini Archangel guide PDF plus 101 channeled Angel Transmission PDF documents.
  • Three guided Angel Meditations: Archangel Michael Meditation, Lady Gaia Meditation, Archangel Metatron Meditation
Join us in the Angel Immersion today, to journey your awakening & ascension with light beams from all around the world, with the love and support of the Angels!

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