The Angel Immersion Portal
The Angel Immersion Portal
Shunanda Scott

Welcome to The Angel Immersion Portal

Accelerate your ascension with the Angels

What is the Angel Immersion?

Created by Shunanda Scott in 2020, the Angel Immersion is a high frequency online learning portal where you can learn to speak to Angels and master the Angelic ascension pathway.

Features & benefits:

1. Unlimited access to the Angel Immersion course:

  • The Angel Immersion course is Shunanda's foundation Angel training, suitable for beginners to intermediate Angel students.
  • With 29 online lessons, the Angel Immersion course will teach you the foundations of connecting with Angels as well as the core principles of the Angelic ascension pathway.
  • Each lesson includes both a written and video component (average duration 15-20 minutes each). 
  • The Angel Immersion course is instant access and self paced: move through the individual Angel lessons as you feel guided and at your own schedule.

For advanced Angel students: the Angel Immersion course also includes four 2 hour advanced Angel Masterclass lessons:

  • Ascension Accelerator Masterclass 
  • Healing with the angels Masterclass
  • Manifesting with the Angels Masterclass
  • 21 Day Advanced Angel Immersion 

2. Unlimited access to the Angelic Ascension library:

  • 101 Angelic Ascension PDF articles 
  • 3 powerful guided Angel Meditations
  • 100+ Angel Transmission video recordings

3. Join monthly live Angel Transmission events:

To support your Angel Immersion, Shunanda hosts monthly live channeled Angel Transmission events on Zoom.  Each live Angel Transmission is a powerful Angelic frequency experience and a masterclass on the Angelic Ascension pathway.

Meet your teacher: 

Angel Teacher, Ascension Guide and mother of three, Shunanda Scott is passionate about teaching people how to receive the infinitely loving guidance and support of the Angels.

Upon the birth of her second child, Shunanda experienced an overnight spiritual awakening, and began learning how to manage her newly discovered intuitive abilities. For years Shunanda trained with mentors, teachers, and the Angels themselves, and now works with starseeds and light workers all over the world from her beach home in Sydney.

Why I created the Angel Immersion:

My invitation:

The Angel Immersion is more than just a course, it is an experience, an awakening, and a light practice for life. 

Every lesson, masterclass and live transmission in the Angel Immersion is intended to strengthen your sovereign relationship with the Angels. 

Today, I invite you to join me and hundreds of other lightworkers from all around the world, so that you too can transform your life with the loving and powerful support of the Angels in the Angel Immersion.